OMG! After 6 months of pitching and 12 rejection letters, I am getting an essay published!

(I don’t want to jinx anything, so I’ll link to it once it is out there in the world!)

The last time that I had anything published, it was a poem about dinosaurs in the 3rd grade. This piece won’t be about dinosaurs… it is about how cadavers taught me to overcome my workaholism. To be honest, I’m just very relieved to have written something that I don’t feel anxious about my mother-in-law reading. My memoir manuscript is all about child trafficking and homelessness and… it’s just not things that I’m ready to discuss with my mother-in-law yet. She’s so incredibly kind. I’m just not ready.

I’ll link the piece here as soon as it comes out! ✨

I was so excited when I heard the news that I called my husband immediately! This unintelligible voicemail screenshot is how my phone translated it… Needless to say, he called back, very worried that something was very wrong based on the voicemail transcription.