Sabra Boyd

You have important things to say.
I want to help you amplify your voice!

As your writing coach with over 15 years of experience teaching, I’ll help you map pragmatic steps to reach your goals. Whether you’re a seasoned writer wanting to improve your acceptance rate or just starting out, we’ll build a strong foundation for pitching, writing, routine, structure, and how to navigate the unspoken rules of publishing. You’ll also receive customized materials, tools, and resources with each session, tailored to your goals.

Office Hours

Office Hours is a weekly drop-in session every Monday and Tuesday for all your questions and writing / publishing industry woes

Office Hours is two weekly Zoom sessions where you can ask any question about the publishing industry, find help navigating frustrating writing dilemmas, and strategically build your career as a writer. It’s also a great place to meet other writers and find community, because writing can sometimes be a lonely and solitary craft. At the end of each session, you’re invited to stay if you’d like to free write together. We’ll also have guest writers and industry experts visit with sage advice and insight, and you’ll get full access to my library of writing, publishing, and career building resources.

Twice a week, on Mondays and Tuesdays, Office Hours will cover topics including:

  • The Art of Pitching (and how to improve your acceptance rate)
  • Navigating the Unspoken Rules and Faux Pas of the Publishing Industry
  • Help Finding the Right Editor to Pitch
  • Build Community
  • Writing Career Coaching
  • Publishing Industry Guidance and Tips

You can join the Monday sessions at 2pm (PST) / 5pm (EST) or the Tuesday sessions at 6pm (PST) / 9pm (EST). Or you can attend both! 

Monthly Subscription (sliding scale): $200/month <––> $25/month

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