You have important things to say.
I want to help you amplify your voice!

A little about my journey as a freelance writer:

Just before the first COVID case was announced, I left my job and left an expensive Master’s of Computer Science program. It was so expensive that most of my classmates worked for Boeing who was paying 100% of their tuition. I didn’t work for Boeing, but I do enjoy writing code when I’m not writing books, so I took a leap of dubious faith and turned to freelancing full time. Little did I know, January 2020 was the worst possible time to do this, and yet, I’ve never been happier with my career.

But how? There’s a pandemic!

Becoming a freelance writer is possible, even during a pandemic. Sure, the challenges are different, but I’ll strategize with you and coach you through it. Together we’ll find the right angle and craft your perfect pitch. In addition to many years of experience teaching writing workshops and designing creative nonfiction classes, one of the students I mentored landed a pitch with the New York Times for their second byline!

When I was in college, I worked part time as a Portland Public Schools co-teacher. In addition to meeting the most creative, wonderful kids, I honed my skill at identifying people’s natural learning styles. Based on your unique strengths and ideal learning style, I’ll help you custom tailor a management system for your submissions and opportunities. I know it’s a cliché popular among tech bros, but “work smarter, not harder” has been an important lesson for me, helping me steadily slog through the hardest assignments.

Strategy: Fighting Imposter Syndrome One Step at a Time

Naming your goals and knowing where you want your career to go is key to defining success. Together we’ll build a map with pragmatic steps and I’ll share all the tools I have learned over the years. Becoming a freelancer can be intimidating, but I’ll be there to help you navigate the process, teach you the unspoken rules, and avoid the challenges and pitfalls that I wasted time and money to learn from.

You have important things to say, and I want to help you amplify your voice!