Photo of Sabra.

Sabra is a writer, web developer, former healthcare administrator, child trafficking survivor, and “retired” child actor. She lives in Seattle with her kind husband who shares a love for tea, stormy weather, and writing pop songs about their dog. Her dream is to someday produce an opera about human trafficking written by and starring survivors. She also sleeps sometimes.

Sabra writes about exploitation, healthcare, food and agriculture, homelessness, child trafficking, tech, and cults.


Cave Girl

Sabra is seeking an agent for her true crime hybrid memoir Cave Girl: When her mom kicks her out for being gay, she survives high school in a cave before joining a martial arts cult. A coming-of-age true crime story about cults, homelessness, child trafficking, family, and finding the place you belong. Through narrative, research and expert interviews, Cave Girl investigates our vulnerability to the seduction of cults.

The Third Rainbow Girl x Unspeakable Acts x Brave x If You Tell

Born a Coen Brothers Movie

Sabra is seeking an agent for her true crime memoir about the tragicomic omen cast when she was born on the set of the Coen Brothers movie Raising Arizona. A redemptive adventure about the child actor daughter of a violent mafioso who survives child trafficking and teen homelessness. A modern western set against the backdrop of the film and television industry of the 90s.

The Glass Castle  x  Mommy Dearest  x  The Godfather

Childhood elementary school (now a LaQuinta Inn) and the tree I sat beneath to read books during recess.