Sabra Boyd

With over a decade of experience as a homeless/trafficked youth advocate and healthcare systems expert, Sabra leads presentations and workshops that will help your group develop solutions, exploring sustainable self care and community care practices.


Hugo House – Building a Sustainable Freelance Career | Food Writing 101 | Publishing Personal Essays

DV Symposium – 2021 – Effective Interventions for Homeless and Trafficked Youth | How Lean and Agile can help reduce burnout

Freedom Network USA – 2021 – Narrative Initiative

HEAL – 2021 – Consultant for Epic and Cerner EHR (Electronic Health Record) patient protocols, safety planning, and interventions for trafficking survivors in a healthcare setting

Inside Edition – Spring 2021 – Zoom Dysmorphia and managing pandemic anxiety

National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges – Spring 2021 – The Cost of Familial Exploitation, Child Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Familial Identity Theft, and Youth Homelessness

Snohomish and Everett School District – Winter 2020Homeless Youth Strategy Consultation and Presentation

P:ear – Winter 2020 – Hosting remote writing workshops for homeless youth

Presentation for Washington Domestic Violence Symposium – Fall 2020Domestic Violence and Child Trafficking

CCYJ (Center for Children & Youth Justice) – Summer 2020 Intersections of Privilege: My Father Trafficked Me, How I Survived and Thrived

Sabra offers speaking engagements and workshops exploring a range of topics including:

– youth / teen homelessness
– tech and healthcare FHIR
– CSEC child trafficking
– child labor and exploitation
– healthcare, patient access, tech interoperability, and clinical systems
– CPS reform
– de-escalation strategies and motivational interviewing techniques
– creativity
– writing workshops
– art workshops
– self care & community care
– workaholism

If you’d like Sabra to lead a workshop or presentation for your company, please fill out the contact form or email