Sabra Boyd

With over a decade of experience as a healthcare systems expert and advocate for homeless / trafficked youth, Sabra leads presentations and workshops that will help your group develop pragmatic, measurable solutions. We will also explore sustainable self care and community care practices.

Sabra offers speaking engagements and workshops exploring a range of topics including:
– youth / teen homelessness
– tech and healthcare FHIR
– CSEC child trafficking
– child labor and exploitation
– healthcare, patient access, tech interoperability, and clinical systems
– CPS reform
– de-escalation strategies and motivational interviewing techniques
– creativity
– writing workshops
– art workshops
– self care & community care
– workaholism

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Past Events

Hugo House – Building a Sustainable Freelance Career | Food Writing 101 | Publishing Personal Essays

DV Symposium – 2021 – Effective Interventions for Homeless and Trafficked Youth | How Lean and Agile can help reduce burnout

Freedom Network USA – 2021 – Narrative Initiative

HEAL – 2021 – Consultant for Epic and Cerner EHR (Electronic Health Record) patient protocols, safety planning, and interventions for trafficking survivors in a healthcare setting

Inside Edition – Spring 2021 – Zoom Dysmorphia and managing pandemic anxiety

National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges – Spring 2021 – The Cost of Familial Exploitation, Child Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Familial Identity Theft, and Youth Homelessness

Snohomish and Everett School District – Winter 2020Homeless Youth Strategy Consultation and Presentation

P:ear – Winter 2020 – Hosting remote writing workshops for homeless youth

Presentation for Washington Domestic Violence Symposium – Fall 2020Domestic Violence and Child Trafficking

CCYJ (Center for Children & Youth Justice) – Summer 2020 Intersections of Privilege: My Father Trafficked Me, How I Survived and Thrived